What are staking plans?

Making money by betting on horses is a goal many, many people try to achieve, and is easily achievable if you follow 2 simple rules.

  1. Use a sound selection process for picking winners.
  2. Marry this up with a solid Staking Plan

A Sound Selection Process For Picking Winners
You need a selection process which will increase your chances of winning.  Discount races where there is no form to examine, eg. Amateurs, Maidens, Apprentice, etc., rule out big fields where anything can happen, peruse the form for stand-out horses and jockeys which have won before in the past at similar course and distance, ensure the horse is race fit, and ensure you are getting value, (don't back odds-on), look at the weight the horse is carrying, etc.. We do all this for you, so you don't have to.

A Solid Staking Plan
A staking plan, is means of calculating your stake with the aim of maximising profit or minimising risk. There are many different Staking Plans which have been created which emphasise either of these two goals however a Staking Plan cannot do both. For example, a staking plan which maximises profit, by its very nature will increase the risk of losing more money and vise-versa.

You could simply select an arbitrary sum of money, and place this amount on every horse. This is known as Level Stakes Profit, (LSP). Whilst this is a very popular method - and very simple, it does not either maximise profit, or minimise risk. We monitor all our staking plans daily, and allow you to choose which is best for you.

  • A good staking plan will even show a profit, when LSP does not.
  • A good staking plan will award you with more money in your pocket than LSP

Each staking plan, falls into one of three categories:

  1. Increase After Loss, (IAL)
  2. Increase After Win, (IAW)
  3. Independant, (IND)

Increase After Loss
Also known as 'Chasing your losses'. When you mention this to some people, they frown and tell you that you should never do this - this is nonsense and a statement made by someone with no knowledge of the subject. It is true that some methods are very dangerous in this respect, which is why we adopt a safety mechanism, (the Maximum Bet). No matter what the plan suggests, the stake generated will never exceed this figure. These plans adopt the principle that the longer you go without a winner, the more likely it will come on the next horse, therefore, increase the stake to maximise on this.

Increase After Win
Which sounds like the ideal situation, as you are then only staking more money, once you have won it, and in effect, staking with the bookies money! However this plan, by very definition, will always stake the most money on the losers, and if you have a string of losses, because you will be staking less and less money on the forthcoming horses, it becomes harder to get back to win back the money you have lost. These staking plans adopt the principle that if you have just had a winner, you are statistically less likely to have a subsequent winner, therefore reduce your stake accordingly, to minimise loss.

This is independent, in that, the stake you place, bears no relation to the outcome of the previous race. However, please note, this is only applicable on a DAILY BASIS. The only truly independent staking plan, is the LSP, where no matter what happens, you will place the same stake on every horse. The plans in this category are independent in that the stake for all horses on that DAY is known, and will not change no matter the outcome of the days races. This is especially important for people who wish to place their bets before work, and do not have either the time, or access to the internet throughout the day.

Betting Bank
In all these plans, you will need a 'Betting Bank'. This being the sum of money that you have set aside for your gambling. We would recommend starting with this being fairly small, (£50, £100) and taking it from there. Your 'Betting Bank' can be amended each month, and your stakes are calculated from this. Bear in mind the 'Minimum Bet Size' is 2% of your Bank, (£1, £2 in the above bank example) and the 'Maximum Bet Size' is equal to 20% of the bank, (£10, £20 in the above example).

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