The Percentage of Bank Plan

This plan simply takes a percentage of your current Betting Bank for the stake of the bet. The percentage which you choose defines the 'risk' of the plan, from between 3%, (low risk) to 10%, (ver high risk). We use a percentage of 5% which we feel balances the risk, by being quite high, in order to increase profits, but not too high as to break the bank if we experience a 'Losing Run'.

For example, based upon a Betting Bank of £100:

Selection Stake Finished Balance
Horse #1 £5.00 3rd £95.00
Horse #2 £4.75 2nd £90.25
Horse #3 £4.51 WON @ 2/1 £99.27
Horse #4 £4.96 4th £94.31
Horse #5 £4.72 UR £89.59
Horse #6 £4.48 2nd £85.11
Horse #7 £4.26 5th £80.86
Horse #8 £4.04 3rd £76.82
Horse #9 £3.84 WON @ 5/2 £86.42
Horse #10 £4.32 2nd £82.10
Horse #11 £4.10 Fell £77.99
Horse #12 £3.90 WON @ 2/1 £81.89

  • Your stake reflects the current bank, therefore, if you have suffered a number of losses, your stake will be lower, thus protecting the bank.
  • Likewise, if you are winning, your stake will continually increase to reflect the higher bank.
  • There is a feel-good factor about this plan, as you feel more confident betting higher stakes, when you are betting with the 'bookies' winnings!
  • Because you are betting a percentage of your bank, in theory your bank will never run out, (although the minimum bet size stops this).
  • Consecutive winners, will accelerate profits.
  • If you have suffered a long losing run, it will take you longer to recoup your losses, as your stakes will be smaller.
  • Your biggest bets will be on losers, because as soon as you get a loser, your stakes will decrease.
  • Number of losing bets to halve the initial Betting Bank : 14
  • Number of losing bets to break the initial Betting Bank : 51
  • This is a LOW Risk Staking Plan