The Martingale Plan

This plan was actually designed when playing 'Red' or 'Black' on the Roulette table, to enable a gambler to 'double up' after each loss until, the next win arrives. The plan is thought to be successful on the Roulette table, because you have a 50/50 chance of winning on each spin, therefore if you lose, the probability says that the next spin will produce the desired result. Actual results, and many broken banks later prove that this isn't necessarily the case, and you can get 10 Blacks in a row!

The plan outlined here, is exactly the same as the Roulette plan, but applied to horse-racing - therefore the risks are higher as you don't have a 50/50 chance of winning in each race, however, the rewards are greater as you tend to win more than Even money. Therefore, this plan can ONLY be applied if you are confident that you will get wins at fairly regular intervals, otherwise your bank will be broken fast. Thankfully, our tips have never given our members a losing run of over 5 bets, therefore we can use this plan.

The plan, in laymans terms is simple. Start with a small stake, (1% of your Starting Bank) and place your bet. If the bet loses, double your stake on your next horse. Continue until either you reach your maximum bet size, or your horse wins, (or you run out of money!). If your horse wins, go back to staking 1% of your Starting Bank.

For example, based upon a Betting Bank of £100:

Selection Stake Finished Balance
Horse #1 £1 3rd £99.00
Horse #2 £2 2nd £97.00
Horse #3 £4 WON @ 2/1 £105.00
Horse #4 £1 4th £104.00
Horse #5 £2 UR £102.00
Horse #6 £4 2nd £98.00
Horse #7 £8 5th £90.00
Horse #8 £16 3rd £74.00
Horse #9 £20.00 WON @ 5/2 £124.00
Horse #10 £1 2nd £123.00
Horse #11 £2 Fell £121.00
Horse #12 £4 WON @ 2/1 £129.00

  • A very simple plan to understand.
  • Your initial stakes are small, which is always a feel-good factor.
  • Your stakes are small after a win, which again is a feel-good factor because you know you aren't going to win every bet you place.
  • Your highest stakes are always on winners.
  • If you have had a series of losers, because the stake is so high on the next horse - you should win back all your losses, plus some extra.
  • If you have a winning streak, (consecutive winners) you will have tiny stakes on the winners - and therefore not capitalize on the profits.
  • If you have a string of losses, your stakes will rise dramatically, and could break your bank FAST.
  • If you have winners fairly regularly, (1 out of every 3 bets) you will not win as much as LSP.
  • Number of losing bets to halve the initial Betting Bank : 6
  • Number of losing bets to break the initial Betting Bank : 9
  • This is a VERY HIGH RISK Staking Plan