Level Stakes Profit (LSP)

This is the simplest and is often considered to be the lowest risk method of placing bets. The same level stake is placed on every bet you place. We recommend that stake being 5% of your Betting Bank. For example:

Horse Level Stake Finished SP Balance
Starting Balance - - - £100
Horse #1 £5 2nd 5/1 £95
Horse #2 £5 WON 3/1 £110
Horse #3 £5 4th 5/2 £105


  • This is a simple plan to understand.


  • Doesn't maximise profits, or minimise risk. This plan is used as a control, ie a good plan should be better than Level Stakes, if it isn't you may as well use this one.


  • Number of losing bets required to halve the initial Betting Bank : 10
  • Number of losing bets required to break the initial Betting Bank : 20
  • Level Stakes is a MEDIUM RISK staking plan.