The 5 Doubles Staking Plan

This plan is one of the more complicated plans, and is based on two plans - Mulit-Link Doubles and Percentage of Bank. If you are not aware of Multi-Link, then I suggest you read this plan first before continuing. This plan splits your bets into 6 horse sets, and you place your bets over these horses, putting double-bets on them all, but does so one at a time. But, unlike Multi-Link it does not allocate the starter stakes for these 6 horses at the start of the set, but right before each bet is placed, based upon the percentage of CURRENT bank. For example:

The first bet of the series uses 5% of your Betting Bank, the 2nd uses 4%, ... and your 6th bet uses 0%. For example, based upon a Betting Bank of £100:

Selection Percentage Stake
Horse #1 5% £5

And that is as far as you can go at this point, you must see the outcome of this bet before you know what the bank will be...

Selection Stake Finished Winnings Bank
Horse #1 £5 2nd - £95

So at this point, we have lost the £5 stake, so our current bank is £95, so we take 4% of this, which is £3.80:

Selection Stake Finished Winnings Bank
Horse #2 £3.80 WON @ 2/1 £7.60 £102.60

Now, as before we take 3% of the current bank for the next stake, (3% x £102.60 = £3.08), BUT just like Multi-Link, we take the winnings from this horse and divide it up by the remaining horses in the set. As there are 4 horses left, £3.80 / 4 = £0.95 gets added to the remaining stakes:

Selection Stake Finished Winnings Bank
Horse #3 £3.08 + £0.95 = £4.03 3rd - £98.57
Horse #4 2% x £98.57 = £1.97 + £0.95 = £2.92 WON @ 5/2 £7.30 £105.87

Now that this horse has won, again just like Multi-Link, we take the winnings of the PERCENTAGE STAKE, not the full stake and apportion this among the remaining bets. Therefore, as the percentage stake was £1.97, the winnings from this is £4.93, split this between the remaining, 2 bets, gives £2.46. So the next bet would be:

Selection Stake Finished Winnings Bank
Horse #5 1% x £105.87 = £1.06 + £0.95 + £2.46 = £4.93 2nd - £100.94
Horse #6 0% + £0.95 + £2.46 = £3.41 WON @ 11/4 £9.38 £110.32

  • This plan takes the best from both previous plans, and when you are in a winning streak, the winnings get BIG.
  • As your bank increases, your stake increases immediately to take advantage of this.
  • Just like Multi-Link, you are placing double bets, which amplifies your profits.
  • If you are losing, your stakes are smaller, so you lose less.
  • This is one of the hardest plans to understand and to calculate.
  • Just like Multi-Link, if you do not get more than 1 winner from 5 bets, you win nothing.
  • If you are losing, then the stakes will be smaller, and as such, it will be harder to win back your losses.
  • Number of losing bets to halve the initial Betting Bank : 22
  • Number of losing bets to break the initial Betting Bank : 65
  • This is a LOW RISK Staking Plan