The Each-Way Doubles Staking Plan

The Each Way Double Plan is fairly popular, and has been pushed to prominance by some well-known tipsters - in fact, some tipsters use this plan as their sole means of producing a profit. The plan, and the tips are somewhat linked, as you need to have 2 tips per day, (thus making the Double) and you back the tips with an Each-Way Double.

The philosophy behind the plan is, you don't even have to have the 2 horses win in order to produce a profit, they only need to place. Due to the nature of the cumulative effect of the double bet, the odds don't even have to be that big in order to show a profit. In the eventuality of both horses winning, you will reap MASSIVE rewards. For example:

Horse Odds Finished Quarter Odds
Horse #1 3/1 2nd 3/4
Horse #2 2/1 3rd 1/2

So, if we staked a £10 double on the above scenario, we would have:

Horse Stake 1/4 Odds Winnings
Horse #1 £10 3/4 £7.50

Now, when your horse wins, you get your winnings PLUS your original stake back, which means we have £17.50 to go on to the next horse:

Horse Stake 1/4 Odds Winnings
Horse #2 £17.50 1/2 £8.75

And as you know you get your stake back, so you walk away with £26.25 from a £20 bet, and the horses didn't even win! Had both horses won, you would have won:

Horse Stake 1/4 Odds Winnings
Horse #1 £10 3/1 £30
Horse #2 £30 + £10 =£40 2/1 £80

And as you know you get your stake back, so this time you win £120, PLUS you have also won your Each Way bet you placed, so you also have the original £26.25 from the Each Way part of the bet, granting you winnings of £146.25.

However, if 1 horse wins, and the other places, you would only win the Each Way portion of the double bet, and worse, if 1 horse wins, and the other DOESN'T place, then you lose, as no SINGLES bets are placed.

  • You win, so long as both horses place, they don't need to win.
  • The odds don't need to be big, (like most Each Way bets are).
  • When both horses do win, you win BIG.
  • A good run of wins will see your bank rise dramatically.
  • You only need a few winners a month, (so long as they are on the same day).
  • If more then 2 horses are tipped, then a number of double bets are placed, (hedging your bets even more) giving you an even greater chance of winning. If 2 horses win, and the third places, you will have 1 winning double, and 3 placed double bets!
  • As this is an independant plan, all bets can be placed on the morning, no monitoring is required.
  • If one of your horses wins, and the other doesn't place, you win NOTHING.
  • If you have a winner at great odds, and the other doesn't place, you win nothing.
  • If only 1 horse is tipped, the plan doesn't capitalise on its strengths, a single EW bet is placed.
  • You could have many winners throughout the month, but if they are not on the same day, you could win nothing.
  • Number of losing bets to halve the initial Betting Bank : 14
  • Number of losing bets to break the initial Betting Bank : 38
  • Each Way Doubles is a MEDIUM Staking Plan